Best Las Vegas Nightclubs & Nightlife VIP Service

Best Las Vegas Nightclubs & Nightlife VIP Service

Looking for the BEST night club in Sin City? After5 VIP is a night club and nightlife VIP service that will satisfy all of your cravings when it comes to the night life—whether you want an exciting celebration, or a more formal arrangement, we will help you find the perfect club in the Vegas strip. We understand that you simply want the best of the best, our services will help you find the right night club in Las Vegas that you are looking for. Whether you are hosting a:

  • Bachelor Party
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Or simply want a club that will give you and your friends an unforgettable experience,


We can help you today.


What After Five VIP Offers?

Imagine, the ultimate bash: the party that your friends will never stop talking about. A party that will stend the standard for all other bashes. Unforgetable music, and exclusive drinks—this is what After 5 VIP delivers.


  • Free Nightlife Consultations. No matter what you are in town for: a birthday bash, a bachelor party, or simply want to blow off some steam, we will help you find the right clubs that will fit your mood.
  • Personalized VIP Hosting. Leave all the planning up to us. All you have to worry about is when you decide to leave the party.
  • No Waiting in Line. You are VIP—this means you’ll get immediate access to any clubs you want.


We’ll be your best friends in Vegas: your parties are safe with us!

Our Packages:


Become a Las Vegas VIP Today!

Let’s face it—when you party, you want to party right. We know that you have hundreds of other things to worry about—and worrying about the best clubs to go to in Vegas shouldn’t be one of them. Become a Las Vegas VIP today, and we will help you book an unforgettable nightclub experience. No more boring nights where you wished you went to another club—you might never want to leave the clubs that we’ll find for you.


What are you waiting for? Experience Vegas the right way. Your party is waiting for you, all you have to do is sign up.

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