Las Vegas Marqee Nightclub

Marqee LAs Vegas Nightclub
Marqee LAs Vegas Nightclub

Whenever there is a brand new nightclub that emerges in the Entertainment Capital of the World, you should believe that it aims to be the best and hottest party place in the city. The different nightclubs are among to compete with the other competitions in Las Vegas. It is true that there are spaces that failed to succeed against the fame of the top-notch nightlife conglomerates. But when Tao Group introduced the most awaited doors to The Strip outpost of their New York based club, Marquee, the Gods of Nightlife were pleased on the New Year’s Eve of the year 2011.

Perhaps the most stunning party venue in The Strip, Marquee Nightclub, so as its day club, is enjoying as it oversees the famous City Center, as well as the Las Vegas skyline from the exterior pool portion of the super sophisticated and ultra-contemporary, Cosmopolitan Hotel. Same with the other high end nightclubs on The Strip, Marquee is also offering world-class DJs, like Benny Benassi, Kaskade, Carnage, Markus Schulz, so as Cedric Gervais. These very talented DJs help Marquee in preserving its stand as one of the top-rated nightclubs in the whole world.

Marquee Nightclub is among the biggest nightclubs in Las Vegas, having a size of more than 60,000 sq. ft., offering lots of things to explore through its 3 differently designed tiers. The main tier is usually conquered by house music from the best international DJs. On the other hand, the indoor section of the main tier features a visual spectacle that boasts giant screens, so as interactive robots that drop from the ceiling. There are also many levels of go-go dancers, making Marquee one of the best clubs in Las Vegas to rock all night long.

Going outside of the primary tier, you can free yourself from all the dancing, and just enjoy the awesome scenery of the City Center. There, Grand Cabanas are also available for bottle service. In the main tier, particularly behind the DJ booth, you can find a custom-programmed iPad, which enables the DJ performing to stimulate confetti, smoke, and pyrotechnics, to accentuate the rise and fall of the music, much to the party goers’ delight.

There are plenty of bars inside Marquee, therefore, spotting a drink even without the assistance of a bottle service is not really a concern, especially if you are fond of wading through the ocean of partying people. Nevertheless, the fact remains that it is very ideal to take advantage of a bottle service, especially if you want to be serviced as a VIP while spending an exquisite night in Marquee.

Certainly offering one of the perfect club experiences on The Strip, the dance floor tables of Marquee normally begin at $4,000, but you can also snag other primary room tables on the second and third levels for about $2,500. The exterior tables begin at a thousand but, the Grand Cabanas typically range from $2,500 to $5,000, which depends on the night of your visit.

For those who don’t consider house music as their cup of tea, they can stay downstairs, from the primary tier, wherein the Boom Box room is situated. The Top 40 and hip hop mixes are combined with a more intimate but urbane setting. In terms of the bottle service tables in Boom Box, it usually range from a thousand to $3,000.

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