Las Vegas Hyde Nightclub
Las Vegas Hyde Nightclub

Many people are thinking that the street side scenery of the fascinating Fountains of Bellagio is the most ideal attraction to see an incredible water show. Sorry to disappointment them, but Bellagio has other great things to offer, like its hype nightclub, The Hype. Bellagio has threw a wring in the thought process of the people. Visualize yourself seeing a magnificent show in a comfortable, plush seating, while sipping a very refreshing beverage.

This particular scenario is just among the incredible things that the brand new hotspot of Bellagio can offer, which is Hyde Las Vegas. To clarify things up, Hyde Lounge of Bellagio is not connected to the 1886 publication of Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll, unless the guests take the crisp of the venue, clean look as an emphasis of Mr. Hyde prior to the great transformation.

The only modification this Los Angeles based nightclub went through is the transition from featuring simple night cocktail hour spot to being introduced as a sophisticated Las Vegas nightclub. Despite of the fact that the Hyde Lounge opens at 5 pm, its day club is bounded to the Italian-themed Living Room that embodies a feel of a belletristic villa.

For 5 hours, the guests can enjoy the fantastic scenery of the renowned water fountain of Bellagio, while mingling and savoring the 5-star drink service of the club. By 10 pm, the rest of this Bellagio club opens up, inviting the night crawlers of Sin City. The Tuscan Garden and Grand Salon transit the guests of Hyde into classical Italy that is blended with light colors, living topiary, and glamorous orchids.

Same with the pre-evening crowd, the guests of Hyde nightclub will also be introduced to the most extravagant scenery of the prestigious dancing water fountain that seems to mimic a light show once Mr. Sun has rested. By the time you finally get the strength to take yourself away from the ravishing fountains, you will certainly realize and acknowledge the high quality amenities which Hyde is waiting for you to see.


Location: The Cosmopolitan

Hours of Operation: Mon & Thurs 10pm – 5am, & Fri – Sat 9:30pm – 5am

Music: DJ Chuckie, Erick Morrillo, Eric D-Lux, Roger Sanchez, DJ Vice, etc…

Clientele: 21 and Older

Attire: Upscale & Trendy, Men must wear button-up, collared shirts


In Hyde nightclub, there are about 40 VIP table setups, ensuring that the nightclub guests have sufficient seating to use, most especially, when it is at its busiest. Mix drinks look more interesting while they’re along the lines of voluptuous concoctions once the expert mixologists incorporate a touch of smoking ice to them.

Similar with everything fresh and exciting, even just a single night at Hyde nightclub can certainly drain your energy. One of the best features of Hyde by Bellagio is the fact that it is proximal to the Circo restaurant of Sirio Maccioni, which is just next door. Here, you can experience an exquisite tapas cuisine. The party scene at Hyde is energized by a perfectly blended line-up of talented DJs, as well as various live performance.

Even though this party venue embodies an atmosphere of sophistication, in reality, Hyde by Bellagio is still a nightclub, and its impeccable party scene is what entices people to go here. The Hyde by Bellagio possesses everything a supreme Las Vegas nightclub should be, with the add-on perk of elegant scenery, so as crisp, fresh appearance.