Las Vegas Hakkasan Nightclub

Hakkasan Club Las Vegas
Hakkasan Club Las Vegas

Situated at the world-renowned MGM Grand, Hakkasan is 5 stories high, and sports an 80,000 sq. ft. super club. Because of its massive capacity, it can accommodate approximately 7,000 club goers every night. Hakkasan Group did not mind covering a huge expense just to create one of the best and biggest nightclubs in the face of Las Vegas.

It features residencies from several of the top paid DJs in the industry, like Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, and Tiesto. Hakkasan Nightclub takes pride from its progressive architecture, as well as innovative crowd collaboration. These facets are what make Hakkasan Nightclub as an ideal spot. It can truly give a party experience that is indeed out of this world.

Be it the numerous gleaming bracelets in the crowd while Tiesto is playing, or the special alien-like dancers on the stage, strutting their stuff for Steve Aoki, or the fascinating light show for the performance of Calvin Harris, there is no doubt that Hakkasan Nightclub can give an experience which the guests will never ever forget for the rest of their lives.

The title Hakkasan is world-renowned as a restaurant which offers award-winning Cantonese dishes. In Las Vegas, Hakkasan Group has incorporated another enticing element to its food servings, and that is the Hakkasan Lounge and Nightclub. It never fails in giving a vast range of experiences. Amidst the luxurious interiors, combining the Western and Eastern stylistic elements, the party goers can either relax or simply party and let loose.

In partners with Angel Management Group, Hakkasan Group has developed this nightclub, raising the nightlife of The Strip to a higher stage. While the restaurants sit on the first 2 tiers, immediately on the 3rdtier, people will see the 10,000 sq. ft. Ling Ling Ling Club, and the more intimate, separated Ling Ling Lounge, which offers high-end mixology.

The primary nightclub can be found on the 4th tier, and this is where the Las Vegas patrons discover a high-energy dance floor. It sports a custom DJ area that is posed in front, as well as a performance area which is suspended atop. Hakkasan’s dance floor is eloped by VIP booths, so as floor-to-ceiling LED screens.

Alongside to the primary nightclub is an impeccable outdoor experience which features a sophisticated 2-story water hallmark, so as a lush foliage. You can also see here The Garden Bar that has its own DJ booth. On the 5th tier, those guests who are yearning for a more private setting will certainly feel at home in any of the semi-private rooms or spots, which still offers an access to the dance floor underneath.

When it comes to the table reservations in the primary room, expect a minimum of $4,000 and can reach up to $20,000 for the perfect spots during Friday and Saturday nights. But if you’re okay with not staying in the main room close to the dance floor, you can prepare at least $2,500 prior to gratuity, tax, and live entertainment tax. What are you waiting for? Make sure to include a high-powered party experience in Hakkasan in your Las Vegas quest plan.

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