Las Vegas Light Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay Nightclub Las Vegas
Mandalay Bay Nightclub Las Vegas

Light Las Vegas is a one of a kind nightclub. The first nightclub to have performances by the world-famous Cirque du Soleil. With enourmous screens that cover the entire wall behind the DJ and over 50 LCD screens lining the ceiling, Light Las Vegas is one hell of a visual experience that takes you into a completely new level of consciousness. Stadium style seating allows for every private table in the venue to have an amazing view of the light show and Cirque du Soleil performances.

Take away the fact that acrobats are dangling from the ceiling and performing behind the giant, suddenly transparent screens, the visual spectacle that gives this club its name is a light show that seems to come alive and move with the rhythm of the music.

Resident DJs such as Nikki Romero, A-Trak, Baaur, Norman Doray, and Krewella make Light nightclub a must see if you only have a few days in Las Vegas.
Wednesday night is industry night at Light so all you mid-week partiers be sure to hit us up to take advantage of special bottle service deals that turn one of the world’s most unique nightclubs into a very reasonably priced night on the town. Come the weekend, dance floor tables range from $4000-$6000, 2nd tier tables range from $2500-$3500, 3rd tier tables from $1500-$2500 and the balcony typically is $1000-$1500 before tax, gratuity, and the well-deserved live entertainment tax.


Pros tip about Light Las Vegas:

Be sure to arrive before 11:30 because that is when the spectacularly creepy, yet sexy cast of Cirque du Soleil begins its lap around the club intermingling with the club-goers before blowing your mind with their first performance of the night. Get your cameras ready, because the costumes and characters that mess with the clubbers while they stand in line trying to get in is something you’ll definitely want for the photo album. Don’t worry, when you’re with us, you won’t be waiting to get in for long, but expect complete chaos at the front ropes with thousands of people in line trying to get into this must see nightclub.

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